Tommy Hilfiger and Gigi capsule collection


Tommy on the runway

To take you through the Tommy Hilfiger and Gigi capsule collection and helping you shop, Tommy Hilfiger has an `intelligent` bot at your service.

The point to enhance shopping experiences for customers was put forward by Tommy Hilfiger using Facebook Messenger on their page to give a tech-driven experience of the brand’s collection with model Gigi Hadid. 

“Digital innovation has been at the center of our strategy to democratize the runway, and the TMY.GRL bot on Messenger introduces a new level of accessibility, engagement and personalization for our global audience,” said Tommy Hilfiger
Having tried this option, the artificial intelligence called TMY.GRL is fast, taking you through a few Yes and No options to you picking which items you would like to explore in this nautical-heavy line. Stripes, anchors and boat steers are printed on tops and dresses, most nautical looks were traditionally as we know them, right to the buttoning.
 At some point the ‘fash bot’ (fashion robot) asks for location when opting to buy a product, then it directs to the closest store, which is fair in this case because the brand does not yet deliver in South Africa. In other countries it takes you straight to Tommy Hilfiger’s website where the transaction can be completed, meaning the payment is not done on Facebook. 
“The fantastic teams bringing this to life have created a style of consumer interaction and conversational-commerce that has not happened before. There was no better moment to launch the TMY.GRL bot than at our #TOMMYNOW fashion show – it is truly a moment where fashion, entertainment, pop culture and innovation are merging to create a new commerce model for our industry.”
Revealing all this a few days ago in an extravagant show at New York Fashion Week, the setting was at a pier, built as a fair ground rides and carnival games, where he walked with Gigi who is also the brand’s global ambassador. It was a eye treat for preppy clothing and celebrities. 

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