Fridays Style

Hijab Headscarves

It has always been a struggle choosing the right headscarf for my hijab outfit, that’s because I love to wear very colorful outfits, and I’ve never been into traditional hijab outfits that depend on dark colors. As I was talking to my friend the other day, she told me she has the same problem with her headscarves and hijab outfits. So I decided to break down the problem and solve it, so here are the ideal tips and tricks to style and match your headscarf with your hijab outfit! Heba Habohemed

1. Neutral colored hijab headscarves:

 White, black and beige hijab scarfs go with endless outfit ideas in your wardrobe, whether your outfit is colorful, has stripes or all about color blocks, those three colors can never go wrong!

2. Pick a lighter shade of your hijab outfit colors:

If you don’t like matching several colors together, you can always pick a lighter or darker shade headscarf of your hijab outfit colors. You can also choose to wear a headscarf color same as your skirt or pants, for example, if you’re wearing white pants and a colorful top, wear a white headscarf.

3. Printed hijab headscarves:

There’s nothing like a beautiful printed headscarf to make your hijab outfit on point! If you dare, wear it with another print and if you like to stay safe wear it with plain colored outfits.

4. Neutral colored hijab headscarves with printed outfits:

If you really love wearing outfit with prints on them, you can never go wrong by choosing a headscarf with a color of one shade of the print. Or you can choose to wear neutral colored headscarves like white, black and beige.

5. Use a color palette to match different colors together when choosing the best headscarf for your hijab outfit:

If you like to mix and match different colors together you can use any color palette to see which colors complement each other in the best way, like fuchsia and green, blue and pink, yellow and rose, and even grey with purple.

Thobes For Men

mg0241-image_tTraditional yet modern, contemporary yet timeless, Shukr’s Thobes are made from high quality, natural fabrics and created with sophisticated, modern cuts. Islamic Menswear at its best, Shukr’s distinguished, comfortable designs ensure an effortless, simple style that will never go out of fashion.

If you asked me I had said that going for dark and stylish Thobe is the best outfit to rock  on Fridays, it gives you more confidence even in the office trying to get those assignment done. Thobe is one of the most favorite outfit in  Islamic Menswear.



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