Fashion For Fridays

Check these collections of Islamic fashion for for Fridays

This jilbab is a fashionable hybrid between retro classic denim and the soft feminine form of a jilbab. Its key features are the wide open mandarin collar with v-shape opening, balanced and carefully placed seams, and the always-practically side pockets.


Timeless and tasteful, this jilbab has subtle stylish details that make all the difference. From flared cuffs to hidden pockets and a mandarin style button collar, this coat is designed to keep you warm and protected from head to toe. A favorite feature of this jilbab is its loose fit that is perfect for layering or for a more modest look that conceals the silhouette.

Constructed in our seasonal-friendly high-quality cotton, this casual jilbab is practical, attractive and has a subtle blend of Eastern and Western sensibilities. This jilbab is great for the office, school, or running errands. Plus it has pockets!



View more at SHUKR Clothing


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