Lagos City Marathon: Advice to the Beginners..


Tips and Advice on how to start your first marathon and finishes strong..

As many Nigerians especially  Lagosian that have never ran any marathon race in their entire life are preparing to take on one of the longest distance races in Nigeria, my advice to you (the beginners) are as follow :

Reduce your training program to light one a week before the race.

Do not train a day to the race to avoid last minute injury and to stay relax for the real race.

look for perfect gear for the distance, light running (for long distance ) shoe,running vest, because this is not your usual 1-2 km jogging.

Get ready for the race; arrange your race day stuffs before bed on the race eve,tag your running tag to your running vest,sure you don’t want anything to delay you to avoid late hour rushing .

Eat light food(spaghetti and egg will work perfect) I prefer Gari flakes (cassava flake)  3 hour before starting time ,take an electrolyte drink (eg. Lucozade sport drink ) an hour before starting time , do not take any Alcoholic drink or Energy drink you are at risk of Gastrointestinal upset, your liver is at risk health experts says.

Never start too fast, drink enough water before during and after the race , get a medical attention when your body signal to do so, run with two or three beginners like you, the distance will  seems to be short in that way.

During the race; run at a conversational pace, maintain a sustained aerobic effort.

And remember this is a fun race not do or die for the beginners, leave the do or die aspect to the elite runners the cash prizes belong to them while the best part of the race(fun side) belongs to you the beginners/novice runners.

lastly you are advised to get to the starting point 45 minutes earlier to the start time.

Race Day Info:

Start & Finish

The starting point will be at Western Avenue, in front of the National Stadium Surulere, opposite Teslim Balogun Stadium. The finish will be in front of Eko Atlantic City, Victoria Island.

Start Time

Marathon – 7.30am

Getting to Start

Participants driving are advised to park their vehicles at the Teslim Balogun Stadium or the National Stadium as most roads around the start area will be closed. Attempts to drive to the areas may cause congestion and delays and violators may be sanctioned. Participants are advised to come early to avoid delays.



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